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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boligard in the Loony Bin?

He's had an imaginary friend for quite some time. Case in point, his latest trip to Seattle for to see this so-called friend, Slavens. He didn't know I had tailed him there, and took myself undercover as an Arab cabbie. When I picked him up, he was having a converstation with ... himself. Although, I'm sure he'd tell you he was talking to Slavens. Tis a sad thing when someone close to you takes a dive off the high board and lands directly in Crazy.

Fact: today he sent me this through the mail—

yeah, um, well, ted, there's a small prob, but i figure you can fun with it. i am off to my dear mamas this weekend, and she informs me that her computer is on the wack. so i am thinking boligard is going to be a few days late getting back to TQR. he he. hope this isn't a huge problem, should work out. i see there's already some cap on the cherrywood, but boli can deal with that when he returns, eh? i will be back on tuesday, and so will boligard. i swear it! sorry. i will try and find a computer that works to do some jouraling, but that's not a promise. c u soon. and don't forget to pick on the bull.

Who does he think he is ... Bob Dole! Bob Dole will be back on Tuesday. Bob Dole likes Chaquita bananas. Mmmmm. Bob Dole will crush those stinking dems... You see what I'm saying about the third person thing? I don't know what has finally set him off. I know he was reading a horrific novel before he left for Seattle. Something about venison and veal calves. Or is it calfs? Or Calfi?I don't know, but that's beside the point. I may have to commit him. And what does he mean but i figure you can have fun with it.??

A short span of days upon the earth and what do you get? Another day older and filled with regret and insanity is all that rages against the dying of the light. Not to mention that bum that barfed on me. It was nefarious! But what can you do? I suggest you pray for Boligard. That's where I'll be.


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