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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Origins of a Border War

Things have been boring over at TQR lately. So I figured I'd stir the pot a bit by giving access to the Terminal to the Floor personnel, Boli and Gabby. Boli took the bull by the horns (Big 'in is its name-o) and the rest is available by going here then clicking on the Free Market, then clicking on the Terminal, then clicking on the thread titled Dark Abyss. So... here's the initial gmail sent by me to the Floor.

Right now, Guevara has initiated three caps in the Terminal that have not been seconded by any Terminali. If either of your want to make a border incursion and comment on a story that you did not send up the tube from the Floor, be my guest.

Boligard Doomey to Theo Rorschalk, 4:04 am
an incursion? sweet!


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