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Saturday, August 04, 2012

SURVIVING THE K'RAHL doesn't survive dep scalpel

[DeP watches Jesus and Theo, Healer and Injured, while holding her cup close to her lips. She takes a tentative sip then sticks out her tongue and frowns.]

Bitter stuff! ...but good. Mmmm. Here, pour a little of that amber in the almost-cappuccino. I need practice, it's a little um, dark. Okay, I've had a thorough look at this Surviving the K'Rahl, this theatrical dystopia of Monsieur T. Lloyd's. There's some decent stuff stuck in places, a few scenes of interest, weird alien, albeit acceptable, character names suggesting faraway galaxies and future harmonic existences that conjure up imagery that, although kinda fuzzy, I caught glimpses of during my read for certain. Oui, Mr. T. can wield a pen and draw up some fine pathways.

What is it called, though, when a VC submits a cap without thoroughly grooming it? Motley Capping? Uncoifed Wrapping?Je ne sais pas quoi.

A brief lesson:

What is wrong with the following sentences?

- Their we sat, eating our curds and whey. - There dog was always running in circles. - They're couch is hard as a frozen dinosaur foot.

If you do not know, then you cannot pass go. So sorry.

Also, having one character stand and orate is much less interesting than actually inviting the reader along for a brisk walk with periodic bouts of jogging through the rugged terrain of Action and Interaction. Exposition is for essays and old profs standing at the podium while smelling like too-dry cigars and drunk liquor.

[DeP sets her cup down, gathers up the heavy pages of Surviving the K'Rahl all decorated with stars and headshots of tough-looking mini-people. She ties it up with some silver ribbon hanging out from a drawer, then strides with purpose to the porthole where the cap is released to its destiny somewhere beyond.]

Their, their. Almost the weak end when you can rest a wile.


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