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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Terminal terminus of a terminali

My computer's hard drive went sour on me. I'm using a 5-y-o backup.Fortunately, the cap is in "cloud storage", as they say -- in the emails, so I won't have any trouble reading/reviewing the last two.

But I've been fighting the beast for two days, hence my absence from the Terminal... just so ya know.

See you there ~

Ugh. Sorry to hear about those problems, which are always very frustrating. Thanks for the heads up, too.


Both of the last two read and reviewed. So here's where we are, with a day to go:

"The Thing About Bridges" (my final feed from Doomey) needs Magz's first response.

"Phonebox" and "Callie Coven" need Maggie off the fence. I said "good enough to let Theo decide" to the former, and am enthusiastically positive about the latter.

Without having to invoke Guevara in the Terminal, those two plus "The Secret" will make three successful caps for the Execs to chew on; a good number.

Outstanding, sir. Guevara has settled the "Callie" and I'll chime in on "Phonebox" asap. Thanks, too, for the settling up because now I can go ahead and start reading and deciding. Due to the extra "gain" last quarter, we're probably looking at one capital gain for this quarter. So... thanks for another quarter's worth of goodstuff. Have a good Christmas season, yo.


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