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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

In Anticipation of Terminal Terminus...

Dear Venture Capitalists,

If your Floored capital has not yet seen the cold light of the Terminal, do not despair! My records show that Between Iraq and a Hot Place; A Tale for the Hanged Man; Quick Vahjaii, The Last Interview; Sunrise in Coat City; and In the Black are pending.

I have gmailed the delinquent Maggie Murdock and Gaybrat concerning the need for their continued vigilance in these matters. I have assurances from H3K that Quick Vahjaii is in the hopper. Guevara is plugging along. The Architext may be able to do one more piece before it is off to conquer new cyber vistas.

As to TQR after the Terminal... Rockefeller has been incommunicado for some time now, choosing not to return any of the gmail 'feelers' I have sent out to him as our time nears. Hopefully, he is preoccupied with mergers and acquisitions instead of shunning me outright from some real or imagined past slight I have slitted him.

All in all, it is steady as she goes.


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