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Friday, April 06, 2007

Rorschalk and G-Mosh Go Toe-to-Toe

Foreword: G-Mosh (aka, Gary Moshimer) is the second VC to become a multiple CG recepient with his fine piece Rest Stop due in the upcoming spring issue. I met up with him recently in the food court of a very large metropolitan hospital where we shared a few words and a big bowl of chocolate pudding.

TQR: You're the second venture capitalist to be published twice in TQR. Do you think you're lucky, punk? Well do ya? (Or are you just good?)

G-Mosh: I was lucky to find a bunch of editors with weird and good taste, and who are down to earth.

TQR: We try, sir. We try. Speaking of which, have you nominated your favorite TQR piece of 2006 here http://www.storysouth.com/million_writers_award/2007/03/reader_nominations_for_2007_mi.html And if not, why not?

G-Mosh: I will do that soon. For me it's a struggle between Coat City, with its wondrous language, and Night/Day people. I'm honored that Deplancher thought enough of Accidents.

TQR: Very well. You know, it's OK if you vote for yourself, though, right? But tell me true, are you as humble a man in person as you seem to be online?

G-Mosh: I think it would be bizarre to vote for yourself, plus I don't think Accidents was as good as those other stories, really, being objective. You have to be humble in this writing business, or you'll go nuts. You have to be very thankful to have anything accepted, there are so many good writers out there. Plus, it's not about you, the writer, it's about the story. Did someone famous say that? It sounds good, doesn't it?

TQR: Sounds good, but we want capital that tastes good, too. What is your well of inspiration for conceiving of, and bringing the goodstuff into the world?

G-Mosh: I usually just get one idea, and then try to make a whole story out of it, not really knowing where it's going until I get there. For instance, I thought about a son collecting his father's dying exhalations into a balloon, and went from there. A lot of inspiration comes from the hospital work I do. But I like to twist the normal shit around, to make it like something I'd want to read, asking questions but not really answering. Sprinkle the tasty morsels out there and let the reader gather them and make them into what they feel like eating. Or something like that.

TQR: When did you know you wanted to be a venture capitalist, and how long was it before you actually threw yourself into the ring? And how is your requisite thick skin treating you?

G-Mosh: I've been sending stuff out for years. Most of it sucked, of course, and I was sending it to markets where you'd wait up to a year for a response and then get no feedback. Very discouraging. It wasn't until the explosion of E-zines that I felt any hope, and after my cap in TQR, I felt a new world open up, and went on a crazy lucky streak. My skin is holding up, since I know there are readers out there for me, someone who might read something and tell someone, 'I read this really cool story.'

TQR: Again with the 'lucky'? Ah well. We know otherwise, sir. And if I may inquire, do you have any plans to conquer the longer forms of capital venturing? Or what about poetry? Have you every written a haiku that you are particularly proud of? Show me yours, and I'll show you mine. Oh bother. I'll show you mine.

empty glass of beer
sadness unsteadily grasped
eating dry pretzels

What do you think of that, sir? Does it speak to you?

G-Mosh: I'd like to start a novel, about a family of crazies in upstate NY. I'd also like to put my collected stories in print, if I can figure out how.

"At the Recruiter's Office."
Babies ring my bell again
Giggling they toddle off
Pacifist bastards!

"Ted's Wife"
Lightning hit Ted's wife,
Leaving her with just one thought:
Electrocute Ted.

TQR: Although it does have the correct 5/7/5 syllable break down, I'm not so sure I care for that last one, Mr. Moshimer. Be that as it may, do you have any parting shots or words of wisdom for your many fans here at TQR?

G-Mosh: Well, I'll stick to the long stuff. IT's much easier. Anyway, just keep up the good work, and I'll put the word out to my circle of VC's concerning the fine and fair folks at TQR.

Afterword: Well, well. Isn't that special. Was it Lear who said something about when fair is foul and town is not speaking of country matters? No matter. The only truly fair one I'd administer that title to would be Maggie Murdoch (DePlancher smokes entirely too many of those smelly gitanes), but lately ... ah screw it. Just read G-Mosh's fine work in the spring issue, will you?


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