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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Insider Info: Staff Diaries

So. I've updated the site most notably in the STAFF menu item area. And I've given each member a diary annex in which to vent/pontificate about the daily grind or whatever they want. This memo tries to explain to them these annexes purpose and how they are to be used. I hope I've communicated myself clearly. hmmm. Pre-script: these diaries may be accessed by investors by clicking on the blue 'username' accompanying each staff member's thumbnail bio.

Theodore Rorschalk to Benjamin, Boligard, Bull, Gabrielle, Hal3000, Joseph
10:39 am (28 minutes ago)

OK. So. I..'ll be like a director here, so take notes!

Just kidding about the notes part, cuz this here mssg is notes...n

These diaries on the staff page or a good opportunity to generate the kind of corporate soap opera we..'ve been after since the inception. For instance, Boligard..'s weird box he recently found in a dark corner of the Floor. Nobody but Dep would possibly know about it, so this is perhaps not the best example, other than to make you all understand that unless, say, Bulldust actually physically went down into the Floor (made a foray via the site), he wouldn..'t know about the box cuz these diaries are ostensibly private and for the author..'s (and the investors) eyes only. So... what I..'m saying is that although I encourage you to read other..'s diaries, you can..'t really comment on them on the site in character otherwise you are compromising their purpose, compromising the fourth wall, if you will. Now if Boli says something about the box on the site in the Free Market, where all characters have access, then you as your characters are free to comment upon it, play along.

My point is that you are all free to read each other's diaries on the Staff pg, but must also realize that as actors in the play of ours, the information gleaned from them is privileged, so you, in the scheme of the TQR universe cannot see what's going on in there -- and therefore cannot very well comment elsewhere on anything that is solely mentioned in those "private" diary areas. Please let me know if I have not explained this very well and I'll get with you on a individual basis as the need arises. Thanks!

PS. I really don't mind how often you use that annex/diary space, it's yours to do with what you will.


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