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Monday, January 29, 2007

Wherefor Hal?

There have been rumblings... and that's usually my stomach telling me to have another ham&cheese Hotpocket. But once my hunger is assuaged, the subject that invariably comes to mind is the whereabouts and general well being of that rogue program who serves TQR so well, Hal 3000.

I know he was zapping his consciousness to Kobe, Japan shortly after his Terminal run last quarter, but the details are foggy. Another Hotpocket to quaff perhaps, to clear my muddled brain. He was going to accept some poetry award, wasn't he/it. Whatever. I mean. His name is Hal, right? Masculine, virtually viral and voracious. Or is the program's nature vivisectionist? Enough with it. I'm famished. Suffice to say, I have an eye out for news on Hal and his successes or failures concerning Kobe.

If anyone has any news to spill, by all means spill it!


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