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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dep cools off Price's THE HOTTEST SPOT

Bonjour, Michael Price:

Oui, The Hottest Spot tells a tale, doesn't it? Let me say this: you know how to weave a tawdry plot well enough, mon ami, and to keep the attention of a reader----even one with a pitifully short attention span such as yours truly. Your cap lures us in, like a snake disguised as a pretty fawn, to this hotspot you've named Julia's. But then you allow us to wander.

The Hottest Spot does not touch the monkey, mon ami, though it is not without potential. In short talk: Edit required.

Watch the monster semi-colon; she is a useful tool, but is too often misused.

Hmmm, Joyce might cast a wobbly Eye of Moby upon you for Jay tossing up a casual ineluctable modality, too.

You are a brave man to have written of Jay's journey of a hell, and then to have submitted it here. Bravery is good. We will see you again, in another shape.

Merci for your interest in this bag of weeds, homegrown in the lightly hoed Garden of TQR.

Live from The Floor,

[Gabrielle DePlancher]
~ The Floor, TQR


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