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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dear Mr. Miller,

Miniscule is not a word. Minuscule is derived from minute, as in a very small particular (not the temporal designation comprising 60 seconds, either).

Other than that, THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE AMERICAN CRIBBAGE CONGRESS is out of sight! Please give me a bio, a jpeg representation of yourself (or what you'd like to be), an address I can send you your fifty bucks to and whatever else you can think of. I'll also be sending along an electronic contract for you to sen back to me with your electronic signature 'pon it.

One thing, I'd like to shorten the title to this THE AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF THE ACC 'cuz a majority of folks will think Atlantic Coast Conference (North Carolina, Duke, Georgia Tech etc) when they first see the title and will get a kick out of the actual meaning of ACC as it pertains to the piece that you have written. What do you say? Also because is it will fit on the monitor easier abbreviated.

Anyhow. Congrats. You made me laugh. I will elaborate on TAaOotACC when I break the news in the EXECUTIVE SUITE on site. Bueno.


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