TQR Confidential

Monday, August 01, 2016

TQR sub update: Boligard giveth, Doomey taketh away

dearest gustavo, i am so proud of you. published in all those mags. good for you, man! hey, so, listen, the script you sent us did not touch the monkey. which might mean the monkey was in a bad mood, or maybe the monkey was high on something or other. anywhat, you did not jump that first hurdle. better luck next time.

dearest hermester, you can go wrap your lips around another sucker, okay? s'very funny, but not written well.

oh hi bruce, loved the cap you sent. thanks! always here for sleeping over, Boligard Doomey ps. i am not Russian

hey bev, loved the cap you sent over, cool. okay. so, yeah, you're in. check the site now and then. or don't. up to you.


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