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Wednesday, February 01, 2017


In regards to this quarter's capital gain, BLIND RELEASE ... does Armand Kingsley pull the trigger at the end? What leads you to think so or think not?


  • 1st read, the inevitability of Armand's suicide is tied to our presuppositions that if we were in the same tragic maelstrom, we'd be justified, required even, to put a bullet in our brain.

    2nd reading ... realized my first reading may have been to cut and dried.

    3rd reading ... realized I had glossed over the actual words and their cumulative meaning as being figurative and metaphorical, or I just didn't really see it at all.

    Armand was on the brink and looking down into the void, but the example of Jack Derrick clinging to the rocky ledges of existence with tenacity and vigor brought him back, made him adhere to his 'appointed rounds' with the power and fortitude of an eagle clinging to the rocky canyon walls. Instead of a tragedy, there is triumph of the spirit, regardless of the crosses we all must bear.

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