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Friday, April 21, 2006

From the Chairman: Spring Issue Capital Gains

Dear Investors,

With glitch-infested efficiency the Executive Suite has come to consensus over the content of the Spring Issue Captial Gains. It was another very hard decision. Once a piece has made it through two screens of capital discrimination and lived to tell its tale, you know there can't help but be something special about it. My sincere thanks goes out to the six finalists and all the venture capitalists who ventured their work with us this quarter. It is my sincere hope the experience was beneficial to one and all.

So without further ado, the upcoming Capital Gains are:

Between the Night People and the Day People by JR Colvin

They Sink and Are Vanished Away (Formerly Dark Abyss) by Ann Leckie

Sunrise in Coat City by Steven J Dines

The Story Miner in the Monkey Cage by Peter Hagelslag

Again, I extend my gratitude to all the VC who continue to venture with TQR, thus allowing us to publish what, in my opinion, is some of the best, most entertaining and thought provoking work available anywhere on the Web, in Print or on your mondo Palm Pilot.

Due to the retarded way in which we first displayed our Capital Gains, giving investors fits on how to actually access them, the CGs from the Winter Issue will stay up an extra week, pushing back the arrival of the Spring Issue no later than April 22.

We appreciate your patronage, and it is our dearest wish that you continue to invest in TQR.

Sincerely, Theodore Q Rorschalk


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