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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Executive Suite Woes Continue

Well. We're on the downward slope toward our April 15 deadline. And still Ann Leckie's Dark Abyss has yet to be given an opening argument. But, Guevara will bail me out again. I asked around the other offices, but you know how facile bureaucrats are at doing somebody else's job! It's not a pretty site. So. Like I said, my right hand Guevara will get around to it.

On the bright side, I'm giving a lecture/tutorial this Friday at 7 pm MDT in the Conference Room. The sign up sheet is in the Queen's Rump over at TQR. Go sign up. Bring barbs on your berries. I don't care! It will be nice to finally have some investor interaction. No electronic impulsive anamoly is an island!


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