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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

From the Chairman: Executive Suite Solution

This was up on the site about a week. The remedies I suggest herein have yet to take effect. Boligard has thrown his effervescent hat into the ring, to which I am always thankful. At least we'll get some movement on this whole stoppage now. I'm a bit afraid this TQR venture is becoming the H3K-Boligard-Theo trinity. But oh well. You take love where you find it, eh? And that's no bull.

Dear Investors,

As you may have noticed, the productivity of the Executive Suite has been holding at 50 percent, and owing to the law of diminishing returns, getting worse as the days go by. The opening arguments tendered by moi enumerating why the literary works vying for publication that have been up for two weeks now have so far gone unchallenged by my esteemed colleague and fellow Knight Templar, Tyrannus Rockefeller. Let it be known that I do not hold a grudge against the fine gentleman from New Jersey, for he has promises to keep and miles to go before he sleeps. However, owing to his unavailability this quarter and the need for both of our houses (the genrified Report and the literal Revolution) to come to a capital consensus over the next two weeks -- having already wasted the initial fortnight at the head of the Executive Suite’s allotted month – it is incumbent upon me to jury rig some kind of alternative solution.

Which I have!

Pinckney Guevara has assured me he is good to go as the genre champion of at least one of the ventures up for review. Perhaps two. I am sure, that I can wheedle one of my other staff personnel into taking up for at least one more, venture that is. Never fear! TQR abides. So keep investing and, by Jove, remember, your time is to us, what ambrosia is to the gods!

Indomitably, TQR


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