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Thursday, July 18, 2013

PRISONER OF TYCHO set free once again upon the world

Bonjour, Monsieur Grey:

I am pleased that you have selected TQR as a place worthy of receiving your Capital as submitted for our consideration.

This date, I have read your Prisoner of Tycho, a work into which you have obviously placed much planning and care. Your overtones of redemption and possibility are not lost on me, Monsieur. A compassionate world may be possible on some plane at some time, n'est-ce pas? May it come to pass.

Today, I must advise that Prisoner of Tycho is not appropriate for our publication. Perhaps it will find a place more worthy of your work and, to this end, I send my best wishes. Suggestion: quick change "Uncle Buck" reference on or about page 19 to "Uncle Rock"! You are welcome.

Merci for your interest in our interminably incorrigible publication, Monsieur Grey. Perhaps we will hear from you again somewhere down the road a piece.

A bientot!


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