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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Mims' CHANCE ENCOUNTER resembles 'un film pornographe'

Bonjour, Mlle Mims:

Merci for your recent submission to TQR.

Chance Encounters, at the outset, presents as a titillating narrative, non? In the opening scene, we look into the mind of a protagonist wondering how her 'mocha-coloured skin' would feel against him. Oi! Tres excite, mais oui.

But there is, almost immediately, the unbelievability factor, mon cher. The description of this protagonist, indeed the place, and also the circumstance----none ring true the bell of authenticity. Where is this fantasy cafe where shapely, mocha-coloured young female students congregate in the misty hours to 'do homework' while be-friending (with not even a hint of wariness suggested) plump, balding, lecherous gentlemen seeking thrills and late night tutoring opportunities? Je suis desole, I am sorry, dear writerly woman. When I read this cap and consider the subtext, I am reminded of the script for a perhaps......un film pornographe?

I cannot recommend Chance Encounters for further advancement here at TQR, as dirty as we sometimes may appear to the outside world beyond our drapeless and smudged windows. Perhaps it would fare better in another market where editors are not so fussy and particular about plot viability. You can write, dear one, but, at least this round, you have not tickled the monkey's dweezil and that means that this cap is not TQR material.

Merci beaucoup and best wishes, G. DePlancher


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