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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

0 comments unless you are guaranteeing 2 more inches or money back

Ground control to major Ted. ... Ah, the vacuum of space. I just had to dodge the pod sent hurtling outward bound from the Discovery by Hal9000, well-preserved astronaut's corpse intact. So, in fact, outer space is more populated than this place!

Unless, of course, it's some spam promising to turn my Peter North and then some. Not saying I couldn't use some enhancement, but of the (e-)ma(i)l variety, sans final 'e' yo. Do you know what the cock is cooking? Just saying, I wish someone would throw me a bone and comment on this here venture so that I know I'm not pissing into the void. Hello! or (as Alexander G. Bell first thought would be an appropriate way to answer his new invention the tallyfun) Ahoy! What is wanted?

Gimme, gimme some love, people!


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