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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Dep promotes Monsieur Hall's THE PORTRAIT

Bonjour, Monsieur Hall:

I must be quick, before a certain haunting possibility closes in upon me following my completion of your ordinary/extraordinary work, The Portrait, as recently submitted for our review here at TQR.

Bravo, Chris Hall. Henry/Hank is a character who sets out with a goal and, against all possibility----at least in this realm-----achieves it.

How strange! How unbelievable yet just believable enough to inspire a reader to drift along with you and your handsome Hank to accept the whole thing as plausible.

Surely odd love, the kind that is the utmost in unattainable, is also one of the most desirable, Monsieur.

In plain language, I grant you this ticket, cher whimsical one. The Portrait will be recommended for further scrutiny by my colleagues who reside in the upper floors of TQR. Beware. For they may or may not be kind. It is the chance you must take.

Bon chance! Watch for commentary from The Terminal when it opens in a few short weeks.

Merci for your submission. We do appreciate your interest in our hop-a-long rag, the graceful TQR. G. DePlancher The Floor


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