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Saturday, November 08, 2014

A TRANSITION turns left ... Adios!

Bonjour, Monsieur Chambers:

Merci for your recent submission, A Transition, for consideration by this rumble wagon of an e-zine, our beloved TQR.

It is a brave thing, to explore the psyche of a lost and found human being as it appears you have done in this length of Venture Capital. There are places you have explored with Sam that evoke images simultaneously beautiful, exquisitely mundane, and frightening.

My favourite is your image of the "green field", which I suggest you seek to amplify when and if you decide to work this piece further.

You might consider also reviewing the piece for consistency in tense, for the variation from past to present can be jolting to a reader's concentration.

Sam and his quest to "lose his Charleton Heston" intrigues, at moments even almost invites pale twitches...but it does not touch the tail of Monkey in these dank halls.

We appreciate your interest in the green moss that grows between the walls here at TQR, and wish you well in placing A Transition in another publication.


G. DePlancher

Sent from my own Bright Cloud.


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