TQR Confidential

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dear God, it is alive!

A little background: Bulldust came to us from the mean fields of Andalusia. He knew how to vet the cap, having been read to as a young bull by his doting cow. Being paired in the Terminal with Hal3000, he did a good and proper vetting. At first, his flights of abuse heaped on investors and staff were sort of amusing. But they soon became pathological. Or whatever. We had to ritually murder his alter ego 'Stable Boy' who was about the most vile persona you could ever imagine. Then the Bull turned on me. Accused me of pedophilia. He basically made a grab for my power. And I saw how this beast's vitriol was once it was turned on me and I realized that I had been guilty of allowing this kind of behavior to flourish on the site. Worse still, it was adversely affecting market share. Enough was enough.

Now, months later, the Bulldust is back. Wants to be reinstated! The nerve. The gall bladder of it all! But you have to admire such brashness, don't you? The matter is under consideration, but conditions will be in place this time, should 'this time' be given a piece of chance.