TQR Confidential

Saturday, September 29, 2007

This blogge is so slow. Seems like my last post was eons ago, nay? Well. Forgive me, please. The naysayers will predicate our demise and all that rocking the cynics nonsense. Soon, the tyrant of Persia's madi or mahdi or whatever it is, shall return and bring great tribulation upon the earth. But that is not of my concern just yet, is it? Our autumn issue capital gain consists of three fine works that will see the light of spaces cyber October 15th or thereabouts. They are:

I'm Your Friend; a dark look at cyberstalking and its potential terrible outcomes

Streetkids; an urban melange of immature know it alls or something along those lines because I haven't had a chance to read it yet and am waiting to peruse it after Oct 15 just like the rest of you

The Gift of Joy; ditto Streetkids.

I trust my capital manager's judgments and, therefore, have not meddled in their decision making this quarter.That is the reason my CG synopses are so pathetic. Perhaps one of the staff can edit this post for entertainment and interest value considering those CGs. Hey, a little help here, please!

Another bit of new old news: Bulldust is creeping around the streets next to the building. Making noise. Snorting his apologies and wishing for a second chance. Well, seeing as how Hal has been decommissioned, what choice do I have? I have written up a bull of rites for the horned one to sign off on before he can make his triumphant return, but look for a belligerent el toro coming the Terminal's way soon. God have mercy on souls.

Sincerely, TQR