TQR Confidential

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Real life rarely rears its bloody torso in the sanctified search for the ultimate capital venture. However, this morning's news is such an event.

Better historians than I am will have to confirm or deny any parallels herein with the assassination of Arch Duke Ferdinand because all I've got to go on is a feeling, a feeling deep inside, oh yeah.

And getting away from the parroting of long gone song lyrics, let me just say it confounds me to no end to see so much platitudinous nonsense being spouted on various message boards about "condolence" and "sadness". I say, "Ohhh pu-leeze!"

What Ms. Bhutto lacked in brains, she made up for in chutzpah. Although I believe she was a very smart woman, and so perhaps cognizant of the fact she would be martyred by the Islamists who usually have a monopoly on that sort of thing, thinking maybe this role reversal would set off a chain reaction of outrage among the Westernized madding crowds, causing them to finally throw down their candles and throw off their blinders.

But, no surprise, we follow our leaders lead and spout off so much palaver.

Forgive me if I get a little sick to see such a courageous sacrifice be watered down by the effeminate lamentations that are so common to the wimpy West when what should be coming from them is a HOWL that would blow Alan Ginsburg's head off. Or RAGE that would reduce Dylan Thomas to smudge of oil on the stage. But, instead, we get the same old candlelight vigil-crowd that came out en masse on 9/11. Next will come the hand wringing and navel gazing while the other side reloads.

So, like the rest of us, why shouldn't I wear blinders, too? Let us vet capital until the chickens come home.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Winter Issue Capital Gains

Due to the low number of subs this quarter, the Terminal once again has been afforded the honor and the ignominy of having the final say on what goes in and what doesn't. Of course, this is fine with me as long as the CGs are goodstuff. And... this quarter, I am not dissappointed. I would formally like to thank Maggie and, I suppose if I must, that beastly bit of Bulldust. Ha ha ha! And without much ado further I give you the Winter issue CGs!

The Migrant by Michael Stone
Pipe Dreams by Bsita.