TQR Confidential

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Thanks to the "Impenetrable … Gobbledegook" (sic) that is TQR, another VC's work is from our grasp untimely ripped

Granted, what we do is different and easily misconstrued. Unfortunately, this difference often cuts into our bottom line. Who can blame an artist for thinking they are just a writer when, in fact, they are a venture capitalist; and their work simply a story when, indubitably, it is a valuable prospective capital gain? What follows is one such sad misunderstanding.

Dear Mr. Rorschsalk:

As I notified Mr. Doomey, I wish to withdraw my story "M---------" from consideration. Nothing against your enterprise, but I do not believe it is a good fit for me. Thank you for your consideration.

K---- W-----

Mr. W-----,

Of course I can't do anything but accept your withdrawal. But could you at least tell me why?

Sincerely, TQR

Mr. Rorschalk:

It was my error. Somehow I gained the mistaken impression that TQR produced a print journal in addition to the e-zine. While I do not dispute the value of e-zines, I feel that story deserves and can achieve publication in a print journal.

It pains me to make that decision because making it past the first round is no doubt a favorable sign and I really do want to see that story published. Although I respect what you are doing, I don't admire the gobbledegook that makes your website impenetrable. So the other morning I made a hasty decision after trying to navigate your website and asking myself who in the world would ever come to this site willingly and suffer through these many veils and coy euphemisms just to read a story? And I had my answer: Not me.

I'm sorry, and maybe I'm making a mistake, but I believe I can get that story published in a print journal and that's what I want. Where I got the idea that TQR also publishes a print journal, I have no idea. That was my indeed my error and I apologize for being thick that way and also stubborn. I've gone unpublished for a long time. I can go a little longer.

You asked why. I'm being truthful. I appreciate the fact that TQR recognized value in my story. I apologize again for the inconvenience.


Thank you for the explanation. I wish you the best of luck publishing your work.

Best Regards, TQR