TQR Confidential

Friday, January 23, 2009

Inside the Floor: Boligard's Modem

BOLIGARD: what the hell is up with the site, yo? down last couple of days. just wondering, mister. today i couldn't even get to the "mambo is temp down" page.oh and hey, happy new year!!!!!!

RORSCHALK: I know. The site is a mess. I have been trying to get more bandwidth from the lousy techies in Hyderabad (or is it New Delhi?), and this is how they thank me? Pffft. I'll have to submit another "help ticket."

Happy New Year to you, too, sir!

BOLIGARD: hey, man. i've been without a modem for the last week, but now all is back to normal. sorry 'bout that. we were on the phone to india and they told us, after much testing and call backs, that our modem had blown so we had them overnight a new modem which, because of martin luther, took an extra day and then another day on top of that because fed ex is a corp that truly has its head stuck firmly up its ass. so the modem showed up wednesday and we plugged it in and, well, of course, it didn't work. so after much phone tag and testing with india we finally got it working yesterday morning. and now it looks like it might be working smooth. i do not like talking to india.

anywhat, i am back on the job. sorry for the tardiness.

oh and hey, here's lucky number 13. episode 13 of the novel, that is.

RORSCHALK: No worries, man! It's good to have you back, though, you know. I'll get the chapter up shortly. You are the mensch.