TQR Confidential

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where in the world is Boligard Doomey?

Egad, I hope because I made Boligard wear that pink pastel suit to his interview with Bluecheese* he didn’t finally skip out for good!

[Rorschalk rubs his chin, remembering the last time this happened it took a witch doctor, a prostitute with a cleft palate and 10 cases of chicken gizzards to get his prize capital manager back… ]


Landau! What private dick is in the rolodex this month?

*the Boligard/Bluechees interview, though extant, no longer has Boligard’s pink suit-wearing visage ‘pont

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dep Position

I'm stopping in for an update during this lull in TQR time. All the little people are well here, though some are hungrier than they were before the Big Lug turned the oil gusher down to low. Never spend every cent you don't have, someone once said. Like Lalo, I listened.

Actually, nothing slows down here; I guess it's just the business we're in and the dirt part of the world we inhabit. I am grateful, and ought to be so.

That week in the mountains back in April started all kinds of things rumbling. Because I attended, people have the idea that I must know something that they do not and want me to tell them what it is.

A good disguise is important. Always know less than you think you do is my policy.

I could get lazy, not reading other people's attempts at greatness over all these weeks, but I can wait. Stir it up, VCs. When the curtain rises, the Floor will undulate with...something [Boli, think of something.]

To all of you: be well. endure. give yourself and others around you a hug. You can never give or receive too many of those.