TQR Confidential

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A bit o'misdirection, wherein Al Bray fakes out the capital managers, but Boligard and TQR finally get it right

On Aug 8, 2009 10:19am, Boligard Doomey wrote:

> Hello Al,
> I am sorry to report that the capital you sent us did not touch the monkey. Feel free to give us what for or just flip us the bird (via tqrtalkback@gmail.com) for not realizing your potential. I am sure The Permanent Temporary Postmaster will be picked up by some other magazine.
> Keep it real,
> Boligard Doomey
> the Floor

> www.tqrstories.com
>From: Al Bray

Date: Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 7:06 AM
Subject: Re: The Permanent Temporary Postmaster and TQR
To: Boligard Doomey

Dear Boligard,
No, it is I who should receive the bird flip. I realized in reading your e-mail that I sent you the wrong story, possibly due to insomnia. The one that [THE BIG KAHUNA] liked on the Zoetrope site and recommended I send you is called A Variation in Temperature. I don't know if it's right for your magazine or not, but I'd appreciate your consideration. I'll send it now. Thanks again.
Al Bray

On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 6:00 AM, Boligard Doomey wrote:

ah. this explains it. thank jesus i didnt shoot down a story you asked for. i would'a been fired, man!

to whichTHE BIG KAHUNAreplied:

Yeah, right. Without you where would WE be? Anywhat. It's in Dep's hands now. Don't sweat it. And to be redundant, don't read The Warrior and the Marksman, it's been withdrawn. Laters.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


mssg sent 31Jul, year of our lord 2009


Dear Dep and Boli,

Not that you have yet judging from the progress on the Floor, but don't send anything up the tube yet until I get back with you on your Terminal assignments. We've got three Terminali now (Lalo's back!) and I have to figure out which one of them is going to break any ties that might occur betwixt the other two. If you have a preference of who you'll be tubing, gmail me.

founder and CEO of Total Quality Reading, LLC


three? that means lalo, the bull and who? guevara? i have no preference as to who i tube. i'll tube anyone. i enjoy tubing. equal opportunity tuber.


The constituents are Lalo, Bull and Maggie. Remember Maggie? Geezus, living up there in oceania, you'd think you'd get your USDA recommended allowance of fish oil. I'll let you know who you tube shortly.

communication ongoing... updates to follow

mssg sent 30jul, year of our lord 2009


Hello everyone,

this new forum [tqrtalkback] is a pilot program to see if having a gmail acct specifically for fielding feedback can work instead of having a public office that is open to attack or requiring investors to sign up as a user on the site (which, imo, a lot of folks are loath to do even though it doesn't cost a penny ... probably just lazy like me I'm thinking). So. Check in there from time to time so's you can respond. I've seeded it with a two questions for the Floorites, Dep and Dummy. So... if you two would be so kind as to respond. Thank you. That will be all.


dummy. hah. IT'S DOOMEY, YOU A-HOLE! hah. a-hole.

communication ongoing ... updates to follow

mssg sent 31jul, year of our lord 2009


So, who's breaking ties this quarter? Who's receiving from which Floorite and whatever else you want to get straight. Talk amongst yourselves, hash it out, and get back to me asap. Thanks


How many of us, besides me, are back with the intention of being "full time" for the duration?

I've presumed that -- as usual -- I'd be receiving from Doomey, taking first crack at those and "second crack" at whatever DeP sends up. BUT...

Do you all want to mix it up this time? If all three of us are willing and available, we could go back to the original idea of having three Terminali comment on *all* the cap and thus not having any ties to break. Then the only problem is coordinating which of us takes the first swing.

I'm open to suggestion.

So. Anyone else want to weigh in besides Lalo?

What I can tell you is this: I'm going to let the Floorites know that the rotation is "same as it ever was" which I will now illustrate to you in a half-assed flowchart kinda way:

Boli's Direct tube-->Lalo
Boli, carbon copy tube-->Bull and Maggie

Dep's direct tube-->Bull
Dep, carbon copy tube-->Lalo and Maggie

This foolproof flowcharting is subject to change, depending on all yalls imminent feedback.

communication ongoing ... updates to follow