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Friday, January 29, 2010

Michael Campagnoli: Venture Capitalist and a stand up guy

Recently, I had a gmail confab with once-and-future venture capitalist Michael Campagnoli. I have entered it here because I think it's illustrative of the fact the TQR staff, from myself down to Santino (the bartender at the Rump) treat prospective VC aboveboard and how, in most cases, it's appreciated.

Dear TQR,

Last quarter I sent you a story called, "The Secret," that made it into the finals. I cut a couple thousand words off it to accommodate length considerations. I'm sorry to send you another long one (though I'm not willing to cut this one) and fully expect to have it rejected out of hand. No hard feelings if that occurs. Just thought I'd take a chance with this one because it didn't seem like the floor was attracting much of quality. If you give it a chance, maybe it'll catch on.

Michael Campagnoli


Mr. Campagnoli,

I'm afraid it's just too long. (That's what she said, right?) Anyhow. Best of luck to you and your writing.


I knew it was a long shot. I appreciate you just giving it a chance. I'm amazed how quickly you guys respond. You'd be surprised (probably not) how many editors just ignore inquiries unless they're interested in the work. Stay warm.



As they say, "We aim to please." It's good to hear we're doing something right. Take care of yourself and I hope to see something from you again come Fall (our summer issue is strictly for book reviews and interviews and the like).

Best regards, TQR


I should have said this before but I didn't want it to seem like I was trying to brown-nose: I like the open, experimental quality of submissions. Submitting can be such an impersonal, dehumanizing thing. I enjoyed the process, even rejection, if that's possible, and still check in to see what's going on on a semi-daily basis. It's fun (I root for Doomey. No offense to the others. He was the one who rooted for me.). Hang in there. No need to reply or we'll start to sound too squeezy for hardboiled writer types, if we haven't already.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Theodore follows through with Otto ... alas, poor Boligard!