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Monday, March 05, 2012

Gabrielle condemns TIME OUT OF TUNE to a date with the meat mincers at the Terminal

Bonjour Michael Schwartz:

Sir, listen to me: have you ingested one too many of those little pieces of paper originating sometimes from the underbelly of Those Parts but sometimes also from These Parts, hmmm?

Nevermind, I am not the Dream Police. Go Your Own Way, Lindsay Buckingham once shouted out the window to poor Little pouting Stevie. You see what happened to them, non?

So...Time Out of Tune. You, monsieur, are the cause this week of my having to explain my outbursts of spontaneous laughter while sitting demurely at my desk sipping dandelion tea. It's completely your fault...you and your....parts.

It may high; it may be low. It may be too long; it may be slain at sundown by a limping burro. But I can tell that you are willing to take the risk, mon ami.

Therefore, be warned. You've slapped the monkey's toenails and, once or twice even snagged one loose with your capital. It's going up to the Meat Mincers. Oui, el Terminali.

You asked for it. Polish up your boots, Michael. You and Time Out of Tune are going for a ride. No need to be...too afraid.

TQR only bites the ones who come close.

Merci, et bon chance.

[Gabrielle DePlancher]
~ The Floor, TQR


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