TQR Confidential

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bray's MERROWS will be scrutinized in the Terminal

Bonjour, Monsieur Bray!

What a brave one you are to have returned once more to the murky space occupied by the TQR team of half-maniac fetishists of the word. Welcome! and thank you for submitting this weird and twisted tale, Merrows, for consideration.

It has been my good fortune, je pense, to have received your manuscript delivered in a brown sac by Monsieur Smarty Rorschalk. Not wishing to be perceived as excessively windy, mon cher, let me say that, as a reader, I am caught. You weave it well and, yes, the dirty Monkey who loosely guides us agrees. That's only two of course, but better than none by far.

Let's go, then. You are savvy enough to know that it's at your peril that I forward Merrows for further review (um, and potential shredding) to my disturbed colleagues who stomp around arrhythmically in their self-important boots above Doomey and my heads in The Terminal.

Watch for it. And let's see how hard the red flying hair of your man is pulled, shall we?

Your barefoot reader,

G. DePlancher