TQR Confidential

Friday, January 31, 2014

TIMERS time has not yet come. Patience, scoundrel!

Bonjour, Monsieur Wosk:

Thank you for your recent submission, TIMERS, for consideration by our illustrious back alley ezine, TQR. We surely do appreciate your interest in our publication.

I will say, Monsieur, that the subject and tone of Timers skims in the area about which the Monkey who leads us is generally interested. You have, je pense, at least had the effect of causing him to flinch about the forearms once or twice.

The rhythm, the unfolding, the whole beat of TIMERS, however, she is unsteady. Read it over aloud to yourself, while walking around in your favourite room-with-sparse-furniture, and see what you think. You can, I believe and the Monkey does too, that this cap can be better and you, dear VC, can thrust yourself into it and make it so.

As it is now, I cannot forward your cap to the wranglers in the Terminal for they would surely put your small precious into the great gruesome word grinder.

I will not allow it. Better you will be next round.

We appreciate your submission and hope to hear from you again.

A bientot!


G. DePlancher