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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Wherein Rorschalk & Boligard obliquely profess their love...

BOLIGARD: stop giving me the fantasy cap. give it to DeP. i want western and dirty detective!

ha. i wish.

but, no, really, if there's an option, steer fantasy DeP's way because crafters outputting fantasy these days are stupid, with a capital fucking d. anyway, haven't checked out the cap yet, just wanted to chime in. smiles. hugs to the clan. work on a meeting, you lazyass som'bitch.

RORSCHALK: But our chat room is no more ... how are we going to meet? Yeah. I read a bit of it and it isn't very good. Sorry! But you never know when you're going to get an outlier! It could have been magic and youda missed out. Hugs and kisses back at you. Hey. Just by the by, I happened across Rocky Horror Picture Show on a free HBO weekend last week and was able to watch without all those idiots acting out their bullshit in the theater. Something about that movie is magic. Tim Curry is just the best, man. All right. Just thought you might be onto it, too and we could bond across the ethernet in some way. Ciao.


I guess we could meet here on gmail chat. Right? You no likie gmail though, so don't have an address. that may be a problem. Get a damn gmail account again you dumb sumbitch.

BOLIGARD: ner. i', talking about us meeting up. der.

RORSCHALK: Oh yeah. We're not getting any younger as they say. Have you seen Tim Curry lately? Long way from his Frank-n-Furter days. I can barely drink a six pack without passing out anymore neither! Shit. Skins all going dry and loose on me. What's a mother fucker to do? We'll get together then, son. You know we'll have a good time then...

BOLIGARD: Tim? Shit. We have supper theater every other Tuesday. Dress up and act out alternate scenes from movies we dig. Like, last Tuesday, I dressed up all Deb and reworked some Sean Penn from his retard movie. Then Curry went all Brando on Three Men and a Baby. It was gwawesome. Then we ate some nice pasta and gravy. And then we had a brief hoodoo ceremony, and then we went for a vodka run, hey. Yeah. Good times.

Nice song reference. Though I really don't ever want to hear that song again. must be more cap. i will take fantasy. sorry i riled against the crap earlier. i need cap. hungry like the wolf.

Listening to Primas(sic) and the Chocolate Factory right now. S'killer.

ya dumb sombitch.


[EDITOR'S NOTE: Slow quarter so far, as far as cap goes. But, after Boli's antiquated DURAN DURAN homage, a cap FIDEL AND ME was pushed through our transom and the wolf of TQR was fed... meanwhile, the Rorschalk has given himself over to absolute pleasure because he likes the way the fishnets caress his unrelentingly aging skin... Dep is currently AWOL, probably off dancing around naked in the forest for Wotan again...]


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