TQR Confidential

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bonjour, Monsieur Steinhagen:

Many thanks for your recent submission, the shining Venture Capital, A Month of National Holidays, for our consideration here at TQR.

Check check check. I am pleased to commend you...or perhaps it will feel more like condemn you?... sincerely, I hope for you it will be the former...on this work that pleased me as a reader and completely subjective scrutinizer of such things. More importantly for our purposes, dear VC, the Great Monkey squealed aloud as I read your work to him via Skype.

What does it all mean? Ask a philosopher who is better equipped to advise you on matters so encompassing as to be described as 'all'. For our purposes, I am but the humble deliverer of your sentence. I mean, privilege...specifically, that we have decided to advance A Month of National Holidays for further sniffing and examination at the hands (or claws, as some feel more aptly describes them) of my smart, literate, judgemental colleagues of The Terminal.

You know what that means, j'espere? It means your work rises up the chute. It means more waiting. It means...let's see what happens next.

It's all I can do for you, besides thank you for your ingenuity, fine presentation, and a decent read.

Merci et bonne chance,

G. DePlancher Currently lost in Inkville / but normally uncomfortably appointed on The Floor - TQR

Sent while levitating from my own Bright Cloud.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Grondo's Great Success! In the valley of the pickle Eaters

Bonjour, Monsieur Grondo:

First, I read the title. You know I am the blues with shoes, but must remain open-minded and unbiased throughout. Bien sur... Merci beaucoup, VC of dark mind, for your recent submission for our consideration here at TQR, and for the title of said recent submission. All things matter. All things matter.

So phat. So twisted. Trickfully teetering teasingly on the thin line of mundane and then...parsing into the unexpected, yeah yeah surprise. For twenty three seconds, I thought you were on the road of another formula detective thriller. Thankfully, non.

The Monkey is howling still, Monsieur. Let's see what the pickle eaters in the Terminal think of your ink. Dead Memphis Blues rises from the dank Floor and into their waiting claws this date.

Bonne chance,

G. DePlancher / Slush Shuffler of The Floor - TQR

Sent while levitating from my own Bright Cloud.

Monday, November 14, 2016

NOISISM shoulda woulda coulda on the Floor

Hello Kevin,

I examined the capital you sent, and I gotta tell you I wanted to love it. I think it's a good time-stamp for thoughts about what we believe in. But I think this could have been taken much further. The "good" video needs to go beyond what we deem great, and the bad could have gone oh so much more sour, believe me. Tis a good idea, and some other magazine might latch onto it. good luck out there in the metaverse.

Boligard Doomey

the Floor