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Monday, April 24, 2006

TQR Weekend Business

This weekend found me more TQRstoried than usual, seeing as how I usually stay away from the office as a matter of course.

But, you see, the Spring Issue had just come out and there were matters of housekeeping to be addressed, as well as kicking the CGVC's butts a little to get them to answer some Insider Trading. The Friday night Meet&Greet turned out to be a one-man show since nobody but myself and I showed up. Oh yes, and 'me'. As well. You can read the transcript in the Queen's Rump or at the bottom menu item labelled 'Transcript' here in the Lobby. Also got into a bit of a debate with a VC later on Saturday because I had included the phrase "Nobody fucking showed" in the crawl's text to show my displeasure at having been stood up the night before. Well, sure, it's a little brazen and crude and not very welcoming, and, seeing as how I am a businessman above all, I gave in and took that offensive material off the crawl. Truly, I am over the being stood up part, and am just frustrated at my attempts to incorporate the Conf Rm into a viable part of the business. Oh well. I am just going to make it into a Chess Dojo and be done with it. It will also serve a purpose for afteraction meetings with the department staff of TQR. As for Meet&Greets with investors, thfffpt. Who knows?

On the very bright side, I had a brilliant orientational gmail back and forth with the newest (and biggest) member of the TQR Terminali, Bull Dust. He is an exceptional hand at the old narrative vetting and one hell of a poster of bon mots. Making him, in my humble, a bull for all seasons. I am thrilled to see what comes out of the Terminali this quarter. All I can say is, Hal, those red buttons you are sporting, exchange them for blue or some other less, shall we say, moribund color.


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