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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Reflections of a Similar Mind Insider Trading: The Missing Link!!

Although I cannot download a freaking jpeg here in the olde blogge or anywhere else, I am at least able to bring you Cynthia's final (and I must admit rather flippant) answer to the question that hangs like an ingrown toenail at the end of the Insider Trading session for the RoaSM CG. So, without further ado, and prefaced by my final question:

TQD: Pardon me for asking, girlie, but did you know that whether in your original carapace or some poor coma patient’s body, you are still criminally insane?

Cynthia: Oh my, I didn't see this communique come in:

Well, for the record:

At least I'm not dead.

So,there you have it. When she's not bobbing on Bob in a never ending loop of their Swiss Alps love excursion, she doesn't mind dodging bone saws and mad coma patients out for blood and ball peen hammer vengeance.


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