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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Paging Vermestus Flump

OK. So a while ago in one of my blogs I went on a tirade about how I'm just typing to the universe, and the universe is mostly empty space and full of nothing but. You know, like nobody and their non-existent mother is even reading this shit. And I get a response from some hillbilly-sounding cracker named Vermestus Flump who says I oughtta just cool down and relax a bit more because he/she is reading my blog and enjoying it, but is just not the 'responding' type most times. Anyhow. After about half a year of no responses, I need some more Flump, dig? Just a voice out there telling me this is not all being done in vain, that someone, any-fucking-one is listening! Oh God before this too-solid flesh melts and I am returned to dust, I pray my words the investors to after lust. Amen.



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