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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Bonjour to you, and good sailing, Monsieur McDermott:

Merci beaucoup for your recent submission, The Big Bank Job, for consideration here at TQR. We appreciate your interest and acknowledge your efforts.

Monsieur, while your clever protag is not uninteresting in this tale of brotherly love and learning, the piece cannot go further here, je pense.

Who are these men and one woman....Chris and Johnny and Vince and Guido and Mark and Terry and Jennifer and Fastard and Flash Jack, hmmmm? They are, I fear shadows of the characters you, as their creator, intend them to be. It's true that this cap is relatively short but we, the readers, gasp in expectation, cry out to you our yearning for backstory. Feed them, mon cher, and they will grow larger and more robust.

Further, I cannot emphasize enough that you must take care, before pressing 'send' on a submission...oui, EVEN in the direction of a publishing house situate in the final half streets before the deluge such as we within these dank rooms of TQR find ourselves...that you mean what you mean, in the best way possible. No missed words. No room for inconsistency. A man on the wagon does not finish his beer, par example. Read, put away,then re-examine again.

You have a line-up, Monsieur. You have names, places, situations. Go wrestle them down until they dance the dance you command from them.

The Big Bank Job is not yet ready for the cruel bastards of the Terminal. You must trust me in this judgment.

We shall hear from you again.

Bon chance!


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