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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

SOLID JOE'S TROMBONE not quite solid enough

Bonjour, Mike Phillips.

> Thank you for allowing us to consider your recent submission, Solid Joe's Trombone, for our sensation of an e-zine, TQR.

Monsieur, there seems always aspects to admire in a writer's style, choice of subject, and/or execution of the deed selected as highlight in a piece. You have noticed this yourself, no doubt, as you are also an attentive reader. I do think the instrument as 'possessing' a kind of power whether good or evil is workable, indeed an element worth holding and expanding upon.

Solid Joe's Trombone, at present, is not....may I be gauche?....is not yet solid enough to be selected for review by the Terminali. You will be relieved that I stop the process here, although at the moment you may not perceive these words as relief. You must trust me in this assertion.

Think about these possibilities:

Solid Joe plays a key role, he IS the title, yet he is dead in the first act. We learn so very little about the relationship between Solid Joe and the protagonist....WHY is he recipient of such an important and sinister gift...Joe knows he needs saving?

Suddenly sending a sinner to church is somehow unsatisfying. Redemption may be readily available to those who seek it out, but it appears here as simply a way to end the narrative.

I think you can raise the quality, enrich your message, Monsieur.

You will forgive me if my expectations seem lofty. Solid Joe's Trombone is not yet ready for this shakey publication.

Merci beaucoup for your submission! We shall, I hope, hear from you again.


Gabrielle DePlancher The Floor


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