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Friday, November 23, 2012

THE CHAMP loses on points, but gains some, too

Hello Carl,

Thanks for sending us cap, first of all! I really saw promise in The Champ, but I'm sorry to report that it did not touch the monkey. It just needs a few more twists through the tunnels, me thinks. And a final edit (only a few mistakes, but you know how I hate to stumble). Not sure if I mentioned it on the site, but I was thinking maybe the killing of the boxer might have something to do with the Creole magic? I dunno. Maybe see if you can work that in. Anywhat, please send us more. And if you refine The Champ, I wanna see it! Keep the nib to the notebook, and...

Keep it unreal,

Boligard Doomey the Floor www.tqrstories.com


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