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Friday, August 30, 2013

THE ASSASSIN OF GOD not quite deadly enuf for review in Terminal...

Bonjour, Messieurs Pelot et Shreve:

Thank you for your recent submission, The Assassin of God, for consideration by our illustrious albeit rarely known ezine, TQR.

The subject of your submission intrigues, mais oui, it does. That the VC is an adept and worthy craftsmen would be obvious to anyone who read these find words, of this I have no doubt.

That said, the monkey's tail has been quite unyielding this quarter. Not much has come close to moving the fine hairs that protect his sensitivity. The Assassin of God comes close, messieurs, but I must advise that it does not touch the great Monkey. Not this time.

May we see your work come our way again, j'espere?

Do not be discouraged. Perhaps I have saved you a bitter slaying at the hands of the ruthless Terminali this round.

We appreciate your interest in our project here at TQR and do sincerely hope you will think of us again for future submissions.

Best regards,


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