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Monday, November 17, 2014


Bonjour, Monsieur Obermeyer:

Many thanks for your recent submission, The Literacy of Ghosts, for consideration by our nearly literate e-zine, TQR.

Definitely an intriguing concept you present. I like ghosts, especially interesting and useful ones. The world you've presented-----one in which ghosts and the living co-mingle for mutual benefit-----this is alluring. Spirit as literacy tutor? Oh yes.

Some things:

What factors earn a clear ride to "heaven", if any?

What motivates ghosts to return to the relative misery of living rather than move onward to the presumed glory of heaven?

What transgression anchors Natalie to doomsville after Rodney's evil possession led her to death?

Is this a soft horror exploring existential themes or a melodrama where all works out tidy in the end?

The Monkey clucked his tongue over your work more than once during my read, a sign that ought to be taken as encouraging, to be sure.

The Literacy of Ghosts (good title!) is not yet ready for recommendation to The Terminal, but there is worth here. I hope you can draw out the silver.

May your writing always consume you,

G. DePlancher *** Sent from my own Bright Cloud.


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