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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Buy it, you cheap bastards!


First person to write a review on Barnes&Noble.com wins a copy signed by Rorschalk and $20!

I say unto you, have I not turned a sow's purse into a silk ear? TOUCHING THE MONKEY is a damn fine total quality reading experience, let me tell you! Scott Pack himself, supplied the blurb at the back of the book! Who is Scott Pack, you ask? Why, he's the commercial director of The Friday Project! Errr, what's The Friday Project, you query? Why, GOOGLE it like every other wified cold blooded 'merkin does these latter days. What are "latter days" you perry? Why, ask Joseph Smith like any good and clean and fun Mormon will ensconce you to do. As for this drive-by advertisement … I am through!

The following message brought to you by Scott Pack:

"This is a wonderful collection, full of great stories and clearly here are the stars of the future. Read these writers now before the rest of the worlds does."

Scott Pack, Commercial Director of The Friday Project

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Transmogrified Pupae Stages

How does that grub you? Err, I mean "grab."

But seriously, the following essay is written by a very astute cat, mitey Joe Young. I'm not sure the analog twixt indie writing and indie music and film stacks up, but it sure is a very nice segue into the intents and purposes of Total Quality Reading. You see, the whole kid and gamboodle of this place is to trick investors into figuring out how to enjoy reading again. Without all the meringue. And the whole deal about this place is the fiction that we don't even care! Perhaps, indeed, this whole deal is only all for ourselves and our own pleasure/pain symbionese liberation. We may be too far ahead of our time to be of our own time, and thus burn out before we even have a chance to fade away. So, without further jabber wonky ado...

Joe Young Kicks Some Major But