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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Terminali Cold Cock Cap

Lalo Telling wrote:

On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 2:27 PM, Theodore Rorschalk wrote:
What I'm trying to say to you both right now is do not feel compelled to let a cap rise if you don't feel it deserves to.

And none did.

I sympathize with Boli & DeP for what they had to suffer, if these
were the relative 'best' of the lot.

Happy Various Winter and Year-End Holidays, regardless of which and how many you celebrate!

Best to all, and better cap next quarter ~


Gabrielle DePlancher wrote:

to Bulldust, Lalo, me, maggie, Boligard

Another year away and TQR has no rising cap but it's allllllright now, in fact it's a gas...it is what it is. We've done our best, every one.

A little more spark would be cool. Is it time for a meeting in the New Year to discuss if there's anything we might change/do/say to attract/engage/bribe someone/anyone/a VC/an elf? to show us a better way? I don't know what I'm talking about of course.

I want to leave the office and play in the snow-----wait! it's too cold. I guess I'll just go home and have a glass of wine instead.

May each one of you enjoy a Christmas full of excessive laughter, health, and the company of the people you really want to be with instead of somebody else..

Cheers from the freezer,


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New and Improved Blogge Posting Strategy

Yes. Well I guess I'm to blame for the total and irrevocable stagnation of this blogge. Mea culpa anno domini, dominos pizza! Although "irrevocable" is, indeed, NOT an irrevocable word ... although maybe I am confusing a "word" with what I really meant to describe as "state of being." But no matter. To the devil with those details! I stand before you with a new blogge strategy in hand, hopefully not flaccid but hard as flint and penetrable to the slightest intellect or most virulent steel-trap mind. Hence, this will be the place those "in the know" investors may come to glean yet more subterranean insights into the first-of-its-kind capital consortium transparent editorialness, by exposing back channel gmail communiques twixt the capital managers themselves! Can you dig it? Yes. I am willing to suspend my ungodly world weariness long enough to consider the mere the suggestion that you may be able to can. And so, let's get this party started with the initiating gmail string that led to this hopeful resurrection of something recently, but not irrevocably dead:

TQR to Lalo and Maggie:
I'm really enjoying reading your critiques. Thanks again for your good work.

And fyi, if there are no caps that rise this quarter, we'll simply carryover the two we have right now. Perhaps we could go into some kind of "emergency session" to address the dearth of capital vauluation in order to spoof the current economic crisis or something? But that is just a crazy idea I just had right now, and is not something to be yet taken seriously. What I'm trying to say to you both right now is do not feel compelled to let a cap rise if you don't feel it deserves to. Not that either of you have! (Which is fine, is what I'm saying.) The only reason I'm sending this along is to bolster your convictions that sticking to your principles here is the right thing to do and to not feel that you are mandated to find something/anything to publish this quarter. OK? Cool.

I know I've asked this before, but the blogge section of the site is so stagnant (my fault, I know), that I will ask again in a slightly different way: Is there any way I could use these "behind the scenes" gmails as material for the blogge? The reason I ask again is because it would be one more layer of "reality" that TQR could be peeling back like the holy rosetta onion of e-zine editorialdom ... or something.

maggie murdoch

what behind the scene stuff? you mean these gmail messages, for instance?

and hey, i'm glad to hear the word come down from on high b/c the cap i've been biting into of late still ain't tastng that great, IF you know what i mean...


maggie murdoch

maybe we need a bailout! wheres' doomey when we need him????

Lalo Telling
Funny thing - Just having arrived home, I was getting my brain ready to comment on "Firs Sawing" while transitioning from work mode to "home for the night"... and I thought of beginning my bit withsomething like:

Has there ever been a quarter when no capital ventures survived the Terminal?

(Not while I was there as Hal or Fox, I know - but in the interim?)

So - cool, that it's OK if we end up panning them all... which is to say, if none of them rise to our standards. Our corporate middle name is "Quality", after all. And yes, if you want to blogge some of this "interoffice email" jazz, I don't mind.


PS: magz, did I detect a hint of "Who's Line...?" ;)

maggie murdoch

whatchu talkin' 'bout, willis???