TQR Confidential

Monday, February 27, 2012

Bonjour, Steve McKean/max keanu:

You may have something of interest within this cap, monsieur. In fact, I think you do. BUT, at the moment, Fidelity Forever, is not ready for the beasts in the Terminal.

Trust me on this as I mean you no harm. Fidelity Forever has made the leap, but does not graze the monkey. Not yet.

There are points lost, too, unnecessarily, just so you know. We may operate from a filthy dungeon here on The Floor at TQR but be assured that we have spell check and, sir, we know you do as well. On next submission, please take care. No need to detract from the plot of the cap with spelling errors.

Fare better. Work on it.

And thanks for your continued interest in our raggedy ragbag,

A bientot!


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