TQR Confidential

Thursday, September 17, 2015


TQR: Third's a charm, sir. Excellent job. Just wanted to ask for an address where you want me to send the check. I'll be sending out a contract this very evening for you to send back so you can't sue me later on, and likewise I guess. Congratulations!

Here's what I said about it on site: NORTH, AND OTHER DAKOTAS

IBD:That's great news. Send it to [REDACTED] Please let me send you a slightly revised copy of the story. There's a few missing words and typos I'd like to clean up before it sees the light of day. I suppose you'll also be wanting a bio and picture. Happy to finally make the club.

TQR:Welcome aboard! I'm leery of "revised copy" of an accepted work. Oftentimes it's not as good as the cap I accepted, and sometimes it's so bad I'd not have accepted that version in the first place. I always edit for typos and omissions and stuff like that before posting. That being said, as long as it's just exactly what you say it is, cleaning up typos and omissions. If that is all it is, then that's fine. But if it's more than that, starts messing with the warp and weft of what it is, then I'd rather not.

Yes. A bio, a jpeg representation of yourself (photo, painting, stuffed animal or anything you think captures your essence) and a kind of origins recap concerning NORTH, AND OTHER DAKOTAS.

IBD: Sure. Will have all that ready for you in the next few days. When I say revised I mean only the few grammatical errors and missing words I spotted the last time I re-read it. I'm pretty happy with the piece (even if, as Otto says it's kinda New Yorkerish). Got no cause to start messing with what finally, finally, finally, got me in.

Although, I guess I should say, that if you would rather do them then I don't mind. There's a few tense change errors that I caught, primarily.

TQR: Now you've gored my ox or however that goes. I mean, sure, if you've got a cleaner copy of what got you in, send it along. I'm going to copy edit it once over anyhow, so I'll know if it's been changed more than for typos, tense and other technicalities.

IBD: Will do

And, seriously, thank you. I admire what you guys do quite a bit. Didn't mean to ruffle any feathers. My apologies.

TQR: No ruffled feathers at all. I was just kind of frustrated at myself for having gone to such a great length to discourage your offer of sending me a cleaner copy of the cap, and then realizing that I did indeed want you to send it since it would save me so much work. I was exasperated at myself. So, hey, no problem at all. Thank you for the outstanding work.

IBD: Here's the "revised" version. Virtually, no changes. A remember became remembered. A speak became spoke. That type of thing. Thanks again, and very excited about being part of your new issue.

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Architext summoned to perform miracle these latter days...

THE RORSCHALK: But as is your MO, you could step in and save the day again for TQR. You see, my Hal3000 is on the fritz. I've got four cap that need a 2nd in the Terminal. Could you step in and do some or all of them over the next two and a half weeks? It's been a while since the architext made the scene!

THE ARCHITEXT: Oh man! Poor timing as I am insanely busy these days... and I don't even know how the process works anymore! Send me the links and I'll see what I can do...

THE RORSCHALK: iF YOU COULD JUST DO ONE OR TWO, I could scratch something else together. I really appreciate this. Send me your address so I can send you a copy of the new anthology. I promise I'll put your address down in gmail contacts this time! I am transmitting the cap in a few minutes.

THE ARCHITEXT: Ok, but I can't probably even look until Sunday!

THE RORSCHALK: That’s fine. I know the big city has got you in its traces. In other words, the yokes on you! Thanks. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal. It’s excellent.

THE ARCHITEXT: Ha! You'll always have work in the Catskills!

THE RORSCHALK: [DAYS LATER] How's it going? Will you be able to 2nd a few of these onsite sometime this week? I just need to know yay or nay so I know what to do from here. Thanks, brother.

THE ARCHITEXT: Hey, I didn't get a chance to look over the weekend but I'll try to print a couple and give my thoughts today.

THE RORSCHALK: [audible sigh of relief] Who says you cannot proposition the lord with prayer?! I CAN PROPOSITION THE LORD WITH PRAYAH!