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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Britson does jpeg and Patti Smith

Theodore Q. Rorschalk: Congratulations Mr. Britson,

You're in. I'd like to cut that scene where Ms. Iowa jumps on him from out of the tree. Later on there's another scene just like it and it's just unneccesary, as I recall. I've only read Executioner once so far. Loved it, but for that scene that seemed confusing and redundant. What do you say?

Gary Britson: Feel free to cut where you deem necessary.

Theodore Q. Rorschalk: It's just that one scene I think. So, if you could send me a bio and a jpeg of yourself, as well as a little write-up of how TEG came to be. Mailing address, too. I'll have a contract out to you shortly.[Editor's Note: Upon a second reading, the scene was NOT cut]

Gary Britson: I don’t know what a jpeg is.

[Editor's Note: After consulting his wife, he came back later in the day with the goods}

....I’ll send a jpeg shortly.

Theodore Q. Rorschalk:. Thank you, Gary. May I call you Gary? Anyhow. I grew up in Cedar Falls, Iowa so it's really nice to get some local color getting going from way back when. I really get a kick out of your characters. What's that one Cooties Lumbago? Ha. I can't help but chuckle every time I read that name. Great job, sir. Thank you very much. I'll probably want to interview that Lumbago character for the insider trading dealio that we sometimes do. So put on your Lumbago hat when the time comes, OK?


I sent $50 last week. I'm worried that I didn't wrap enough pieces of paper around it to hide it. Did you get it yet?

Gary Britson: Yes, it arrived yesterday. Thank you very much. I’m having it framed as the first money I’ve received for a story.

Are you a Patti Smith fan? I picked up her new book yesterday. A bit dull, I’m afraid.

Theodore Q. Rorschalk: Ha. Well then, I guess I should have wrote you a check! Anyhow. Glad it didn't get stolen. Don't know much about Patti Smith. And old rock-n-roller, maybe? I'm currently just getting over Pink Floyd and getting into Megadeth. It goes in cycles. Next year it will be Gordon Lightfoot again.

Gary Britson: Quite some time ago, Patti recorded an album entitled Horses, which was well received by critics. She won the National Book Award three or four years ago for “Just Kids” which details her coming to New York in the mid sixties and becoming friends with photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. It’s worth reading. She has achieved success as a singer although she can’t actually sing. Horses is worth a listen or two, particularly her rendition of Gloria.


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