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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Loose Ends in the Terminal Process

Dear Investors,

The Terminal was tested this quarter with 20 ventures. Our intern Gaybrat got the festivities started with an early bird special, the vetting and evenutal rejection of The Attempted Rescue of Mr Enigma. He continued to perform well, then promptly disappeared for the latter half of the month. I still have not heard from him. C'est la vie. The Triumvarite of GuyLaFloor, Pinckney Guevara and H3K once again shouldered the lion's share of the capital ventures, with an able assist from my personal secretary Maggie Murdock. As of this date, there is one outstanding capital venture yet to see the cold light of the Terminal. Maggie Murdock assures me she will initiate an opinion on that one very, very soon. Meanwhile, Rokky Rockefeller has taken enough time out of his busy schedule to let me know he is locked and jocked for this quarters lit v. genre negotiations. I will be subbing for the delinquent Tessa Quinlan-Renaud, who, by all accounts is still all atwitter from our last quarter's falling out party (which can be accessed here on this blog undere The Good and the F'Ugly heading.

All is as it should be, and I am as it came. I can do anything. Just don't call me the Lizard King for nothing. As you were!

Resonantly, TQR


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