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Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Terminal is Up

It's time a again. I sent Guevara to the Floor to relate my thanks to them for another successful run, only to have that ne'r do well Doomey and his squad of miscreants assault the poor Spaniard with an eye toward some very bad intentions. I think I lowered a rope just in time to keep his pants on. Talk about oil and water! I'm just glad I intervened before the KY jelly was applied.

As I was saying ... it's time again to look toward the Terminal and the discussions therein. This quarter, we are graced with a full complement of capital managers: the ever reliable and erudite machine, Hal 3000 (aka H3K); the bullheaded newcomer, and that's a literal interpretation, the fighting Bulldust; the aforementioned almost-buggered Guevara; the relief efforts of the silky-smooth skating Guy LaFloor; and, who knows, the Architext may undertake the vetting of a cap or two.

So. Gird your loins. It could be a rough trip. But one thing is certain ... the Cap will rise again!

So, please,


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