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Monday, August 14, 2006


So as if travelling by air these days wasn't bad enough, the practitioners of the Religion of Peace have now made it impossible to take gels, liquids and any other non-solid aboard your jetliner of record. Geez, and I so wanted to contort myself into a pretzel so I could brush my teeth in one of those phone booth-sized lavs.

In McCarron International Terminal C1 as me and my wife and young child waited for our 'mechanical' delayed airplane to arrive from Seattle so it could take us back to the high desert environs of New Mexico, I talked to three terrorists cleverly disguised as wheelchair-bound old women. Luckily for my family and I, the TSA had confiscated all their so-called bottled water. One of them was suffering from cramps, supposedly due to a mild case of dehydration (the GD plane was delayed two hours!), but, being the savvy and vigilant Homeland Security Deputy that I am, I was not fooled!

If this is what passes for Homeland Security these days, the government can suck my dreads. I figure it's had its fill of ACLU dick.


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