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Friday, September 22, 2006

Guidelines'--re: Cajones ... corrected by Investor!

Dear TQR,

Much as I enjoyed reading your website I feel I should point out that in the phrase [found in the Guidelines menu item] "TQR begs the question, "Do you have the hutzpah, the cajones, the intestinal fortitude?", 'cajones' should read 'cojones', unless you're really interested in writers with 'draws' (the kind you'd find in a chest). Which brings me to my other point: I have a short-short story about a man who impersonates furniture for a living. Would you be interested in looking at it? It was published four years ago in a local newspaper, winning a Profile Books prize (a free Profile Book) and has languished in my cajones ever since. Yours faithfully,

Waldo Gemio

Whoops. Thank you for that correction. And as much as I'd like to oblige your short-short, I am going to have to decline that offer because we don't publish anything under 4,000 words. Sorry about that, sir. And, again, I thank you for the correction. I shall correct that erroneous line forthwith.

Cheers, TQR


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